The Handsome Rogue Grooming Kit
The Handsome Rogue Grooming Kit
The Handsome Rogue Grooming Kit
The Handsome Rogue Grooming Kit
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The Handsome Rogue Grooming Kit

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A Victory Barber Grooming Kit

This kit is for the gentleman who appreciate a smoother more sophisticated approach to his appearance and provides you with every ingredient needed to craft a superior style.


1 * Claymore Extra Strong Texture Clay 

1 * Primer Volume & Texture Tonic

1 * FREE Wash

Claymore (Firm Hold/Natural Finish)

Let us take all of the guess-work out of your grooming! For that rough and ready guy on the go we have the complete compendium of necessary grooming goods to enhance that natural edge and keep him looking his rugged best. 

A truly exceptional styling clay that is extra tough and gritty. A strong hold and a natural finish creates a semi-matte texture that leaves hair looking rough and ready.

- Extra Strong Hold / Natural Finish
- Super tough and gritty
- Strong hold and semi-matte texture leaves hair looking rough and ready
- Absorbs excess oils
- Smells like clean laundry

Primer Volume & Texture Tonic

Make your hair feel thicker, fuller, and healthier using the miraculous PRIMER Volume & Texture Tonic.  This nourishing styling spray is packed full of powerful botanicals and oceanic extracts that'll provide you with some serious backbone to your blow-dry. 

Spray a generous amount into damp or towel dried hair and let it dry naturally for a subtle surf-style finish or hit it with a blowdryer to add serious power to that pomp. 

Wash for Hair & Beard

Revolutionary one step WASH packed full of botanicals and activated charcoal to cleanse, condition and detoxify your hair and beard without stripping away natural oils.

While most detoxifying shampoo's strip away natural oils leaving puffy, dried-out hair in their wake, Victory WASH uses natural conditioning oils and gentle plant based cleansers, achieving clean and soft feeling hair in just one single step. Utilizing the natural detoxifying properties of activated charcoal, this gentle wash is your daily detoxifying cleanser that won't leave you "high and dry".

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